Project NbCreole


I have setup this project at Kenai DOT com, you may click the image above to get directed to the project website. Currently, features enabled are Wiki, Chatroom (using Pidgin/NetBeans IDE), Mailing lists and Issue Tracker.

Today, I have just added the sources for the NetBeans Project (Java Application) created using the sources provided by the Eclipse Project (XmlCreator), hosted at Sourceforge. I have made some changes in few classes and have created an Ant Task, as discussed yesterday.

This project is close to my heart and main objective is to create a suite of modules that could integrate into the NetBeans IDE. I am not sure about the timeline, however I will keep blogging about the same over this blog. Also, I’m not looking for new members for the project.

However, I’m more keen on learning the technologies that will help me complete the objective. Technologies will comprise of ANTLR, NetBeans Platform, Java, XML, XSLT, etc. Anyways, you’re welcome to join the mailing lists and provide comments/suggestions.

Update: As of July 2010, this project has been scrapped.


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