Time for a break

After my system crashed this Monday, I got the partition of hard disk formatted that had Windows XP Professional OS. However, during formatting of the system, another partition (that had almost 60 GB (out of 80 GB) of Free and Open Source Softwares, I have been using or wanted to use over the past years) was inaccessible.

Along with that, I had so many code I wrote to learn some concepts/technologies, etc. which was partially version controlled. I had to format it, there was no way to recover AFAIK. So, everything was lost, including the copies of  source code for FOSS like NetBeans, Flex Builder, etc. By the way, I would be leaving for Training at an IT company (in India) this Sunday and not even in worst nightmares thought this could happen. Now, I just have a formatted drive having approx. 80 GB free space. What a waste!

Anyways, I am not in a mood to download and setup the same again. I had enough of these failures/system-crashes in the past 4 years, and as I don’t have a laptop, I won’t be any longer available on the internet. Frequency of blogging would surely decrease, as I would no longer be able to devote time to FOSS and related stuff.

Indeed, its time for a break.. See ya later!


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