NBM | Snap Active Window

Few years back, I had created a NetBeans Module (community-based plugin) along with Jay Mahadeokar. However, we couldn’t give time to it and somehow lost the source code as well, after successfully publishing it into the NetBeans 6.0 Update Center.

Brief History

Snap It is a plugin that enables you to take screenshots from within the IDE. Basically, it tries to emulate the “Take Screenshot” Utility, bundled with almost every Ubuntu Distro. This module enables you to take a screenshot of what’s visible in your system’s resolution. The snapshots taken are not depended on the resolution of NetBeans IDE.

Whats New

Recently, I have started devoting time back on learning Java, NetBeans Platform and thus, I thought of making the plugin from scratch and add features, which were earlier thought of.

Have a look at the following snapshots (covering different Modes). These were taken after installing the module in NetBeans 6.8 IDE, created using the same release (based on NetBeans Platform 6.5).

Editor Mode

Explorer Mode

These are very few examples, one can take snapshots of every possible window that opens within the NetBeans IDE, whether dockable or not. There are total 5 modes I am currently aware of;

  1. Explorer
  2. Editor
  3. Properties
  4. Output
  5. Anonymous

One needs to explore more to know more about NetBeans Platform, as this is just the beginning!


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