taT4AI | Using Implicit Vectors Through String Functions

Heard about Ab Initio? It is an ETL tool for Data Warehousing Projects, or probably much more than that. To know more about the software, please refer the official website – http://www.abinitio.com/

Recently, while coding an XFR, i.e. business transformation logic for some project, I was asked that there’s a field in the input record format, which contains words separated by single space. However, only the second word holds significance. So, how can one extract the exact information?

As I have been dealing with vectors in writing XFR’s for sometime now, I proposed following solution;

out.fld_name :: string_split(in.fld_name_having_space_separated_words, " ")[1];

As the string_split() returns the result in form of a vector, which one can relate to arrays in many programming languages. Thus, this trick makes use of implicit vectors, and assigns second element denoted by [1].

Hope this trick works for you as well. If not, explore more to know more.


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