DevOps and I

Recently, came across this microzone – DevOps Zone (under Server Zone). I was curious to know what exactly is DevOps? I started scrolling down in the microzone and came across few articles, which in turn lead me to the following article (posted in Feb, 2010);

In the last few months, a movement has begun to take shape. It’s a movement of people who think it’s time for change in the IT industry – time to stop wasting money, time to start delivering great software, and building systems that scale and last. This movement is being called Devops. But what is Devops? Where did it come from? And what can it achieve?

If automation is the how, then integration is the what. Let’s look at the three key categories.

  1. Process Integration
  2. Tool Integration
  3. Data Integration

Beginning to interest me, still digging up and searching for answers, do I see any opportunity here?


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