Knock, Knock !!

Few days back, I realized its been over 6 months, since I blogged here. Coincidentally, it is also the same duration, during which my personal laptop was down and out. It is only recently, that I got my laptop revived, thanks to some engineer from a local repair shop.

Anyways, I have been busy meanwhile and have invested time in something of my interest, more than I ever did before. I have written modular-scripting framework (shell-scripting on AIX), doing front-end web development and learnt python as well, along the way.

Thanks to colleague of mine, I have started using git version control system for maintaining revisions (locally) of every tool/framework, that has to continuously evolve. In coming weeks, I intend to share experiences worth blogging about.

Hope to blog regular this time around.


One thought on “Knock, Knock !!

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