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I have setup this project at Kenai DOT com, you may click the image above to get directed to the project website. Currently, features enabled are Wiki, Chatroom (using Pidgin/NetBeans IDE), Mailing lists and Issue Tracker.

Today, I have just added the sources for the NetBeans Project (Java Application) created using the sources provided by the Eclipse Project (XmlCreator), hosted at Sourceforge. I have made some changes in few classes and have created an Ant Task, as discussed yesterday.

This project is close to my heart and main objective is to create a suite of modules that could integrate into the NetBeans IDE. I am not sure about the timeline, however I will keep blogging about the same over this blog. Also, I’m not looking for new members for the project.

However, I’m more keen on learning the technologies that will help me complete the objective. Technologies will comprise of ANTLR, NetBeans Platform, Java, XML, XSLT, etc. Anyways, you’re welcome to join the mailing lists and provide comments/suggestions.

Update: As of July 2010, this project has been scrapped.


NetBeans Plugins at Kenai | #3

Moving ahead, we will now focus on how to file bugs/tasks/enhancements, etc. using JIRA Issue Tracker being used for my project.

Brief Overview

There are currently 5 issues filed for this project, two being TASK and remaining three being BUGS. I have recently blogged about 2 bugs I encountered. Now, I will share with you more details about the bug, how did I resolve one of them for RHN v1.2. Also, I have been able to solve 2 issues for the previous release, i.e. RHN v1.1.

List of issues resolved for RHN v1.1

Bug Reports

Interested readers may look at the colorful representation of the diff taken of file. This patch resolves one of the bugs filed recently.

List of issues to be fixed for RHN v1.2

As you may see, one of the issues has been fixed, while others remain unresolved. The bug I have fixed was caused due to code refactoring done recently for version 1.1 of the module. The following diff clearly shows how the bug was resolved by the addition of one if-statement.

---	(revision 80)
+++	(revision 79)
@@ -245,9 +245,9 @@
      * This basically checks that the identifier present in the hyperlink,
      * if the file exists in relative path, then is it open or not?
      * If not, then opens it, also takes care of the anchors presence, in the
-     * <code>newIdentifier</code>.
+     * <code>splitIdentifier</code>.
-     * @param newIdentifier
+     * @param splitIdentifier
     private void verifyHyperlinkStatus(String newIdentifier) {
         try {
@@ -278,10 +278,8 @@
                                     if (hyperLink.length <= 1) {
                                         anchorName = null;
-                                    if (panes != null) {
-                                        setPosition(panes[0].getDocument());
-                                        setEditorFlag(false);
-                                    }
+                                    setPosition(panes[0].getDocument());
+                                    setEditorFlag(false);
                             if (editorFlag == false) {

As you can see, I have added check for panes.  If its not null, then invoke setPosition method and set editorFlag to false. The code snippet actually looks like this;

JEditorPane[] panes = editor.getOpenedPanes();
if (hyperLink.length <= 1) {
 anchorName = null;
if (panes != null) {

This code checks whether there’s any opened TopComponent having the same displayName() as that of file, where user has to navigate to. If so, then switch to that editor tab.

Blog Series (Contd…)
This is the 3rd part of the blog series initiated at

Namaskar Duniya..


This is the first entry for this blog, so it won’t be as descriptive or helpful, as rest would be. I will be continuing few blog series, I had started on my popular blog with title N, Varun over here. Also, I will feature all the latest news about the FOSS projects, I am working on. Here’s brief overview about them;

NBRCP Kolektiv (@ Kenai)

This project is basically a container for projects I would create for all the experiments I would like to carry out with NetBeans Platform, NetBeans IDE and possibly enhance my skills.

PrayogShala (@ SourceForge)

This will the place where I will carry out all the experimentation by making use of Version Control Systems, Issue Trackers and various other technologies to possibly enhance my skills.

Other News

Stay tuned for more action..