WikiCreole, XML and NetBeans IDE

Aug 25, 2008

I had asked a simple question to the NetBeans Community, Are you fed up of using Wiki? Feedback I got was good, if not great. Almost everyone was in favor of the plug in, I wanted to create that would enable editing wikis within NetBeans IDE.

Sep 03, 2008

Just a week later, I thought of sharing some ideas and information, I had by discussing with people on IRC, mailing lists, surfing the web and by reflecting on my experiences working with Multiview editors, not necessarily in NetBeans IDE.


I just wanted to tell you that, I have researched about the project idea, sporadically for the past 1 year. However, I am once again interested in creating such plugin that would enable you to edit wikis within the NetBeans IDE.

So, stay tuned to this blog for more updates on the project. You may read the above blogs for history of the project, which has not even started yet.

Blog Series (Contd…)
This is the 3rd part of the blog series initiated last year at