Namaskar Duniya..


This is the first entry for this blog, so it won’t be as descriptive or helpful, as rest would be. I will be continuing few blog series, I had started on my popular blog with title N, Varun over here. Also, I will feature all the latest news about the FOSS projects, I am working on. Here’s brief overview about them;

NBRCP Kolektiv (@ Kenai)

This project is basically a container for projects I would create for all the experiments I would like to carry out with NetBeans Platform, NetBeans IDE and possibly enhance my skills.

PrayogShala (@ SourceForge)

This will the place where I will carry out all the experimentation by making use of Version Control Systems, Issue Trackers and various other technologies to possibly enhance my skills.

Other News

Stay tuned for more action..